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Cartoon Rabbit Pocket Long Sleeve Women Sweater

Do you need a women sweater for your daily wear? Have you been looking for stylish sweater for a long time but still can not find the very one? Please do not worry! This time you will get the one because we are going to provide you with some introduction about the women sweater for you to choose from in the following.
The women sweater is designed into pullover. Made of woolen yarn, the women sweater is comfortable and durable for you to put on. You will be come very adorable with the wool sweater. Moreover, this kind of wool material is softer for your daily wear. You can relax with the wool sweater freely. Cute rabbit over the long sleeve cardigan serves as a kind of special decoration to sweater. You will be very charming with the fashionable women sweater on! There are two colors of the long sleeve sweater for you to choose so that you can get your favorite color.
Please do not hesitate and take action to get the women sweater immediately.

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  • There is rabbit over the women sweater
  • Neck over the long sleeve sweater is round neck
  • The women long sleeve sweater is suitable to be worn in spring, autumn and winter
  • Made of woolen yarn, it is more comfortable for you to wear the women sweater
  • Long sleeves of the wool sweater can better protect your arms
  • You will become more attractive with the women sweater
  • Free size fits most
  • Material: Woolen Yarn
  • Side Image
  • Lovely rabbit over the women sweater
  • Poster freely with the sweater
  • Every part of the sweater is made with great care
  • The sweater can match with the hat, hair style and the boots
  • So stylish with the sweater
  • SizeLengthBustShoulder WidthSleeve Length
    Free Size 26.8 68.0 33.1-37.0 84.0-94.0 26.8 68.0 33.1-37.0 84.0-94.0
  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person
  • Sweater is, to some extent, one of the indispensable clothes for fashionable women or girl. If you want to be lovely and stylish at the same time, the rabbit women sweater is the best choice for you. You can also send the sweater as presents to others.
    How to Soften Wool Sweaters:
    Sweaters make a great choice for any woman's closet. From smaller body types to plus size women, many women find that the right sweaters can sometimes be difficult to find. The trick is to find a style that creates a sleek, flattering silhouette. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect women's sweater
    Things You’ll Need:
  • Sink basin
  • Gentle shampoo (such as baby shampoo)
  • Hair conditioner (formulated for regular hair)
  • 1 tbsp. vinegar (optional)
  • 2 towels
  • Instructions:
  • Wash the wool item first in lukewarm water and shampoo to remove any dirt or dust. Shampoo is specially formulated for protein-based fibers, such as human hair and wool, and is much gentler than laundry soaps. Wash the item by submerging it and swishing it around. Do not wring or rub the surface or it may felt
  • Rinse the wool item in clear, lukewarm water of the same temperature. Temperature variation may cause wool garments like hats to felt. You can add 1 tbsp. vinegar to the rinse water help remove any residue (optional)
  • Fill up a new basin of clear lukewarm water and add 1 tbsp. of conditioner. Stir the water around to make sure the conditioner is well mixed into the water
  • Add the wool to the solution and gently submerge the item, stirring it around with your hand for 2 minutes as it absorbs the solution. If the wool item is a shaped hat or a fine weave, don't rub or agitate it roughly, as doing so may damage the texture. Remove the wool item
  • Fill the sink with lukewarm water again (same temperature as before). Rinse the item gently, using the same dunking and swishing process. Remove the wool item
  • Dry the item by rolling it gently in a dry towel, pressing it with your fingers to remove excess water. Repeat this process, using a new towel if necessary, until you have removed as much water as possible. Do not wring the item with your hands or the material may stretch
  • Remove it from the towel. If the item is a hat, shape it gently with your hands, then lay the garment on a fresh dry towel and let it dry
  • Tips & Warnings:
  • Use a conditioner that leaves your own hair soft and comfortable, not sticky. Try these steps out on a test piece of wool material if you are unsure. If the conditioner leaves a film on the swatch, then you are probably using a conditioner that is specially formulated. Switch to a regular conditioner. These softening steps can be used with wool yarn as well
  • Don't use a conditioner that is formulated for special hair conditions. Don't rub the wool or wring it. Don't vary the water temperatures. Radical changes can damage the texture of some woven items
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